Two More Buddies Come To The Island

Bongo and Super Pickle showed up on the island this week.  I think they enjoyed their visit.  There isn’t too much to do here in the spring but I took them for a ride with me, Sarah, the wasband and my best friend of 50 years who came to visit.

Our first stop was a sheep farm.  This is the farm’s store They sell sheep stuff.

joan 003

Super Pickle and Bongo got to visit the baby sheep.  The lambs tried to eat Super Pickles feet.

joan 006

joan 004

joan 008

joan 007

After seeing the lambs we went out to see the cliffs at Gay Head. The following photo is what it would have looked like if it wasn’t totally foggy.


All we got was the fog

joan 011

After we got home everyone was tired and the buddies chilled in the window with Yoda.


Finally they went nighty night in my bed sleeping on my water pillow.