My Ass Still Hurts!

It’s been 1 year and 4 months since I broke my ass.  I suppose I could say coccyx bone but let’s face it,  coccyx doesn’t sound much better than ass and ass is easier to spell.

I have a lift chair.  It’s meant for old people, lazy ass people and cripple people like me. Actually, I probably fit into all three categories.  The following photo is not of me but it gives you an idea of what a lift chair does.  My daughter bought it for me.


After I lay back in the chair for an hour or so my ass hurts.  I can usually alleviate some of the pain by rotating ass cheeks.  I’ve typed the word ass 8 times so far.  LMAO!!!

Surgery is also a consideration for the problem. It’s called a coccygectomy. Make sure to consider all of the risks of the surgery. Current publications of medical research (since 2000) have noted that even after undergoing the surgery as many as 1 out of every 3 patients may have pain that is still not relieved. Also, almost 20% of coccygectomy surgeries may be complicated by infections (requiring repeat surgery in 15% of patients who have the coccygectomy surgery). Some patients have postoperative pain (pain after surgery) that lasts as long as one year. Patients may be at risk for prolapse (sagging) of the pelvic floor.

The following drawing is not obscene.  It is just downright disgusting.


I guess I just talked myself out of having ass surgery.  I think I’ll just have to deal with a little pain in the ass.

Did you know there is an old Norse deity named Ass?  The things you find out when you research your ass.


My Son’s New Job!

My son just secured his fantasy job.  He will be First Mate on a privately owned sportfishing yacht.


It’s a 78 foot boat.  He will live on it for the next 8 months.  The owner likes to fish so Damon will fish with him and do the work of a First Mate.  It’s an incredible chance for Damon.

Damon will be able to use this smaller boat whenever he wants to.


I just hope and pray everything works out for him.