I’m up for a makeover!

I don’t usually post rants but I have to say this.  The following are before and after photos of the singing sensation, Susan Boyle,  who was discovered by the TV show ” Britain’s Got Talent”.





I have been reading comments about this transformation on various websites.  I am amazed at what some people have to say.  Personally, I think she has a wonderful voice and why wouldn’t she want to have a make over.  I know I would. Many people are actually putting her down for doing this.  Some say by doing this she is not being herself.  Of course, she is still herself.  You don’t change just because you had your eyebrows shaped and your hair done.

I used to get  a haircut every 6 months because I was too cheap to pay for going more often.  Now I get a haircut every 8 weeks be cause of my daughter’s generosity.  Do I like this better?  Hell Yes!  We know nothing about this woman’s thoughts and why she does what she does and it’s none of our business.   I don’t know where people get off criticizing someone like they have  with this woman and her makeover business.  Give the lady a break.  She probably just wants to change her look.

Anyone out there want to give me a makeover, be my guest.  Maybe I’ll even sing for you.