LuLu Comes to Visit! She Will Never Be the Same!

LuLu got here late Saturday afternoon.  We spent a quiet evening.  On Sunday we watched TV and spent a quiet day.  We needed our energy because Monday we were going to have a big day off island.   Monday morning I did a dumbass thing. I walked out the door and forgot poor LuLu.  It wasn’t until I was on the boat that I remembered I had left her outside grazing.

I felt so bad forgetting her.   When I got home I rushed into the house and I found her locked in my bedroom.  She was under the bed trembling in her hooves. I coaxed her out from under the bed and she told me she had seen a bat flying around the house at dusk.  She went in the house and the bat started banging on the closed windows.   LuLu didn’t mind cowbirds but she hated bats.


LuLu was convinced the bat would turn into a vampire and suck all the blood right out of her. I told her she shouldn’t worry because vampires prey on humans.  She told me she had watched a movie and the vampires in it preyed on animals.  I could tell she was really frightened.  I think she expected this vampire to show up and get her.


Then the wind came up and it started to thunder and lightning. Lulu trembled as she sat close to the only light in the room.


The light created scary shadows on the wall and Lulu trembled even more.


Then a witch flew down and attacked Lulu or at least tried to.  Lulu ducked and the witch missed her mark.


LuLu asked the scaredy cat what to do but he  was no help.  He was more afraid than Lulu.


Then the angel appeared and protected Lulu from harm.


Finally Lulu fell asleep next to Yoda who will have nothing to do with buddies after being spurned by YooHoo.