It Could Only Happen At Wal-Mart

The title of this post says it all.


Clean up on Aisle 7!

Workers at a Wal-Mart in Wisconsin used shopping carts to corral an emu running around the store’s parking lot after escaping from a nearby farm.

A manager then fed the large, flightless bird – named Myron – grapes and apples to calm him down until his owner arrived to take him home.

Girl stung by scorpion in Wal-Mart

Another reason for us to not shop at Wal-Mart. A 12-year-old girl was stung by a scorpion while shopping in her local Wal-Mart’s produce section.

Megan Templeton, of Barboursville, was taken to the hospital as a precaution but later released. Her father, William Templeton, said the pain was a little worse than a bee sting.

He initially didn’t believe his daughter when she said she had been stung by a scorpion, but then he saw the critter scurry underneath a box. It was captured by Wal-Mart employees.

Most of the nearly 2,000 kinds of scorpions are not dangerous to humans

April 18: Parolee Allegedly Leaves Meth at Wal-Mart Counter

How’s this for a tip: Daniel Santos Ramirex, a 54-year-old parolee allegedly left nine baggies of methamphetamine and his wallet at the counter at Wal-Mart.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Video embarrasment for Walmart  (notice embarrassment is misspelled)

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, faces embarrassment and potential lawsuits after its corporate video archive was made public. Flagler Productions, which worked for Wal-Mart for almost 30 years, has made its footage available to lawyers, unions and media organisations.

The archive includes clips of male store managers parading in drag. Wal-Mart dropped Flagler in 2006 and only offered the firm $500,000 for the video library. Flagler had asked for $150m before reducing its price to $145m, according to a letter on Wal-Mart’s website.

The footage captures Wal-Mart executives and employees in closed meetings and unguarded moments. A lawyer stumbled on the archive when representing a 12-year-old boy who suffered extensive burns after a gas canister bought at Wal-Mart exploded.

She found footage of employees joking and playing skits about exploding gas cans, reports said.

Flagler says that since Wal-Mart never signed a contract for its services, the rights to the tapes still belong to the production company.