Driving in my Car

I was going to start out this post explaining how I can’t wait to drive my car again, actually it’s Sarah’s car but whatever.  I hate being stuck in the house. I appreciate Sarah taking me out on Sunday but it’s just not the same as popping into the car and taking a drive by the beach listening to my favorite  song  playing  full blast.  Now the key word in the last sentence is song.

What is your favorite song to play when you are just cruising around in your ride?

I have quite a few but this is one of my favorites.  This is the second time I post this song.

This song reminds me of the wasband and I (stoned out of our minds) tooling around in his Corvair convertible at the beach.  The wind in my hair, the salty beach smell—YES

One more for good measure. 1969,  the year I got married

I might not be driving a convertible anymore but that’s OK.  I just want to drive.