Lots Going On- Including Clutter!

I haven’t been blogging much or even answering your comments on my blog because so much is going on. I am going to continue blogging because I am a blogging whore or addict or whatever you want to call it but I have got to start packing. We move in three weeks. So if I seem scarce I am still here but packing. I can’t believe the time is closing in so fast.

I am looking forward to moving but I am not looking forward to packing. I want to take everything in my cluttered room but I know it all won’t fit in my new bedroom. My current bedroom is good sized and I have collected so much stuff (crap) in the past 21 months since my daughter de-cluttered it.

It was a guy in bed in this cartoon so I gave him a quick sex change and turned him into a woman.


I think the damn clutter fairy has a nest in my room. The bitch keeps me from throwing anything away. Fortunately she hasn’t gotten her evil clutches on my daughter. If I can’t chuck it Sarah can. I will have to leave the house or you will see me dumpster diving for stuff she throws away. All you will see is my legs sticking out of the dumpster.


The hardest problem is dealing with my extensive book collection. I really, really, don’t want to part with them. “Parting is such sweet sorrow.” OK, maybe I am being a little over dramatic but I love my books. Are you reading this Sarah?

Oh crap, I just found out why I’m fat. There is even a book on it.


Here is a quote from the author:

“Secondly, your home is a reflection of you, not just in some airy-fairy way, but in a real and tangible sense,” says Walsh. “It’s no accident that as our homes become more cluttered we’ve become fatter. It makes sense that if your kitchen is clean and organised and your fridge is well-stocked with ingredients for planned meals you’re more likely to cook and think about what you’re really putting into your body.”

Well, la di da!!! WTF does this all mean. If I de-clutter my room I will get thin or if I get thin my room will miraculously de-clutter itself.

Peter Walsh lives to conquer clutter! He’s the organisational guru on the US show Clean Sweep, a regular guest on the Oprah show and the voice of reason on his weekly radio program The Peter Walsh Show. When not aiding the de-cluttering of people’s lives, he lives in Los Angeles and Melbourne.”

This is all over the top for me. Maybe I should just get on the show “Clean Sweep” and let those suckers do all the work.

How many of you out there are clutter bugs?