30 Years ago today!!!

30 years ago today I gave birth to a wonderful daughter!! That’s right Sarah turns 30 today. I remember the night she was born so well almost as if it were yesterday.

Sarah–one hour old!!


Sarah– now at 30 years old!


Sarah has always been the best daughter a Mom could have. I can’t say enough wonderful things about her so I won’t even try. In 5 months or so she will give birth to a child of her own. I still can’t believe I’m that freakin’ old. WTF happened? It all went by so fast. Well, that must mean I have had a good life so far and I would have to say that is true. I still have so much to look forward to. I just wish time would slow up a little. I guess I can’t stop time though.

Anyway I wish my daughter the happiest of birthdays. I love her more than words can say!!

Happy New year everyone!!! I love you all too!!!! All this freakin love. I am such a sap. Ha! Ha!