Duped With a Happy Ending!

I guess there is no law that says you have to be real on your blog. I just thought that your blog was the best place to really be real, to tell it like it is. That’s why I like blogging. I don’t have to impress anyone. I can just be myself—loud, flaky, (I’m trying to think how my family would describe me), funny ( if you like my kind of humor), HONEST, caring (but don’t get on my bad side –remember the cane) and of course grandma to be.

These are the things I bought for a young girl and fellow blogger,  with a terrible disease or diseases I should say.


At least I thought she had a disease. My daughter warned me because she knows how easily I believe everything people tell me. She told me to do a little investigating before I mailed anything. Fortunately I did and found I had been duped.

I haven’t done anything with the stuff because I still wanted to believe. I have a tough time letting go and I thought that someday this young girl would be able to prove who she was and I could send her my gifts.

But there is an upside to all of this. I am going to donate these things to a charity. I just have to find the right one so I know it will go to some child who will appreciate these things. Maybe Christmas morning some little boy or girl who loves the Red Sox will find a present under the tree.

Last year’s tree.  We haven’t put up this year’s tree.


I hope this person, and I say person, because at this time we really don’t even know if she is a girl or woman or man or what, gets some badly needed help.

I left a comment early on her most recent post which happened to be her confession.  Even then I felt bad for her.  I felt bad for a poor girl who needed attention so much that she would pretend all these things had happened to her.

After reading almost 50 comments on her post I’m not feeling so bad.  I really didn’t realize how many people had spent so much time with her, had invested so much of themselves in her well being and had sent her gifts.  Some of you have made posts about her, some haven’t, whatever is best for you.  I decided to write this just because I was thinking about it. It’s hard to get out of my mind.

The internet can be a wonderful place.  It is for me.  I have traveled to places I never would have seen, I have met wonderful friends and it keeps me from eating.  It can also be a scary place with scammers and liars everywhere you look.  As a matter of fact, my son got another check in the mail from the stupid scammer on Craigslist that was supposedly offering him a job.  It was for $4850.  So now I have two checks totaling $7850.  Is this scammer a compete and utter dumbass?  I told him we were taking the first check to the FBI and then he sends another.  Duh!!!!

“Yes, Kaylee, There is a Santa Claus.”  and today it’s me because I’m going to make some kid happy with some Red Sox crap, I mean stuff.


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  1. JavaQueen
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 01:26:07

    You are a sweetheart Joan, don’t beat yourself up for being kind hearted. I cannot believe all that stuff you bought for her- and it was a lie…. but, I’m sure as hell positive that some other kid who doesn’t have much this Christmas will be soo sooo happy to receive such nice things.

    I’m sorry you were hurt…. I wish I knew what to say! Sorry about Damon too, what a scam! GAH!

    Thanks JQ. I’m doing this also for myself so I can feel better about this whole thing and put it to a close. I wish I could see the kid’s face when he gets the stuff.


  2. sheng
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 01:32:54

    I felt bad too after she has opened up, and thought she was coming clean, I dunno, I just couldn’t believe it was a fake Kaylee… I just ant to blog and let out the real me, I am not a fake… ummm…. do you think I am?

    It’s hard to believe that the whole thing was fake. And no sweetie, I know you are not fake. I had a gut feeling about her all along which I don’t have about any of my other blogger friends. I should have gone with my gut from the beginning. No one could possibly think that you are fake.


  3. Peter Parkour
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 01:38:21

    Just imagine all of the people that are to embarrassed to comment on her post. Those are just the ones willing to come forward. I think it’s just awful what she’s done to an unknown number of people. The whole thing really chaps my hide. I’m glad to hear you’re doing something worthwhile with the baseball stuff. And I’m glad to hear you are on top of that scam crap that’s come Damon’s way. That Episode of Oprah I was telling you about mentioned how the checks are always from an amount under $5,000. Good looking out. Get all that info to the FBI. You go girl. Keep up your awesome bloggin’. We love you just the way you are. 😉

    “Chaps my hide” My dad used to say that. It’s a good way to describe this whole thing. I just don’t understand people sometimes. But I do know one thing, there are still a lot of good honest peeps on the blog and I love them all including you sweetie.


  4. sulz
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 03:40:19

    you aren’t the only one who fell for kaylee’s story, so don’t feel bad. something good managed to come out of it, since you will be making a young red sox fan happy with that stash! 🙂 just like you title says.

    Thanks sulz!! I like knowing someone who deserves it will get to enjoy the Red Sox stuff.


  5. Laura/centerdownhome
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 06:07:47

    Hi Joan — I’ve been more or less AWOL since my husband started working in another state, and didn’t know about your daughter’s pregnancy! It made my morning! What a lucky baby, to be coming into a family with so much love.

    I left a really mean comment at Kaylee’s, and don’t regret it at all. My younger sister died of cancer a few years ago, leaving her husband and two sons. I’m still raw from losing my only sister, and I never write about it. It trivializes her death to blog about it, especially when the blog world has people who would FAKE things like that to get attention.

    Also, one of blog friends went through a cancer dx and “Kaylee” commented on her blog that her form of cancer was more serious. Unforgivable.

    I really didn’t believe Kaylee for long, because too much didn’t ring true, and I googled her and I knew that there should be newspaper articles on a young girl who had a heart transplant AND cancer. There weren’t.

    She may have “come clean”, but I believe that’s because she HAD to, that someone was going to “out” her. And I did NOT see genuine remorse for her duping people in her confession post.

    She is STILL looking for sympathy and attention, this time for being a lonely, young teenage high school drop-out, and I am amazed and aghast that some of her readers believe her THIS TIME, and are ready to believe her and forgive her.

    In my mind, she (he?) hasn’t suffered the consequences of lying to people at all. She just switched lies, and still wants sympathy.

    Anyway. I hope you find a deserving boy or girl who will appreciate the Red Sox gifts for Christmas! 🙂

    I’m so sorry about your sister. I just don’t understand these people who fake being sick. You get so much more out of people when you are honest. You get their trust and what’s more important than that? I was sympathetic for a day until it occurred to me she/he is probably still lying. You can never trust someone like that again. It’s horrifying to find out she told someone with cancer that hers was worse.

    Well, at least some kid will be happy this Christmas and I know I will be happy knowing that.

    Yes, I am so excited to become a grandma. I’m already thinking about next Christmas when I will wake up to a smiling baby.


  6. birdpress
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 07:25:58

    Aww, that was so nice of you to buy her gifts. I hope they do go to someone who will appreciate them. I also left a kind comment early on there, and I’m also amazed each time I see more comments, seeing more and more people who she had connected with through email and stuff. I had no idea!

    I keep waiting to see another post, some effort on her part to make amends… Where is it? She should at least respond to all those comments. You’d think she would put as much effort into “fixing” things as she did into deceiving people, if she feels as bad as she says she does. That’s the thing that is bugging me now.

    I totally agree with you. I don’t really see any remorse here. Well, it’s over and done with and some little boy is going to get some nice Red Sox stuff. It really is shocking to see how many people were e-mailing her to try and help. It does show that there are a lot of good people in the world who will take time to help another.


  7. trishatruly
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 08:04:45

    You are the person who, when handed lemons makes the proverbial lemonade. Good on you, Joan.

    It’s why we love you so much.

    Thanks Trish. I do love me some lemons.


  8. Little Miss
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 09:46:22

    Joan, you are just awesome. You are an example of everything that is right in the world. Keep blogging and being you. We all love it.

    As for Kaylee, unfortunately, since apparently there was no crime involved, there is no consequence for her to experience. People hating her in blogdom isn’t going to change her behavior. Sad, but true.

    Yup, turn those checks over to the FBI. I hope they nail that crook. How is Damon doing?

    Thanks, Little Miss. I just wish I could see the little boys face when he gets the stuff. I feel so bad to think there is a real little one in a hospice.

    FBI here I come. Damon got a place to live but his delivery job didn’t work out. It was actually going door to door selling meat, all on commission. He said it was very sketchy.


  9. javajunkee
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 10:44:58

    hee hee you could give it to a Yankees fan 🙂 OK KIDDING — sort of

    I haven’t commented anything on her/his..K’s page. I didn’t spend a lot of time talking to her because I had my guard up from the beginning. My biggest thing was …where are her friends from school, where are friends her age…I mean come on seriously was she really going to be hanging out on blogs of women older than her? And the whole puzzle was just missing some corner edges right from the get-go…but what’s done is done and I hope the person cuz like we’ve all said this could be some old bald guy sitting there pretending to be a sick little girl…gets some serious help! Who really knows. Who/how will anybody actually know the “real” one? Once a liar most likely always a liar.

    anyhow Joan..you are someone with a heart of gold and I’m sure you will find just the right person to get this stuff and will make it a very merry christmas for them!

    Love ya girl!


    Now that would be funny. A little Yankees fan would probably stick needles in the action figure like a voo doo doll.

    It’s amazing how some people can lie and feel no remorse. I don’t get it.

    Love you too JJ


  10. The Vinyl Villager
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 11:06:53

    Joan, you’ve got a good heart! I know who you’re talking about, though I didnt read its blog much. Im right there with you on the comments…its one thing to have just slapped up some stories, its quite another to be up all hours with people “comforting” you, giving you a shoulder to cry on, etc. The person is sicker than she pretended to be, its just with a different disease.

    You are so right VV. I feel bad for the poor people who tried to help her and spent so much time trying to comfort her. I keep wondering what went through her mind when she was doing it.


  11. Just a Mom
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 11:22:32

    First of all I want to say don’t ever lose that great big heart of yours! Find a good home for all the Red Sox stuff. Maybe you could call the department of child welfare and see if maybe they could find a good home for it.

    As for the persn who did this, I hope they get help. For some reason I always had a gut feeling that something wasn’t quite right there. My gut feelings are always right.

    Continue to be your loud, flaky, funny, HONEST, caring person that you are. I for one love it! 🙂

    You know I had a gut feeling and I didn’t go with it because I am also a sucker. Next time I will go with the gut. After talking to the women at hospice about a real boy who is terminally ill, I find what that so called person did absolutely horrible.
    Thanks Just a Mom, I know your real. No one could make up the stories you have about your sweet kids. I can’t wait to have stories about my grandchild.


  12. teeni
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 12:55:55

    I think it is wonderful that you are putting those items to good use and I know it will really, really, make some young fan an awesome Christmas. I love your happy ending. 🙂 You are the best.

    Happy Endings are the best. At least some little boy will get a little pleasure out of this fiasco.


  13. Sandra
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 15:34:03

    Hey, Joan 🙂 I emailed you earlier re. this because I couldn’t get in to comment, so just wanted to add that your Christmas tree from last year looks gorgeous. It looks like a real one too, which I adore.

    Jeepers, that scammer certainly is a dumbarse, haha!


  14. Wendy
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 16:35:47

    Manny?! That bastid!
    But I still like you anyway. 🙂
    – Sister W

    Shows you how long I’ve had this stuff. The first thing Barry said when I told him what I wanted to do was “What about Manny?”

    Sister J


  15. fightingwindmills
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 16:48:30

    I’m sorry about this, Joan, but I love your happy ending: finding someone else to give the gifts to and moving on away from someone who tried to take advantage of your kind heart.

    Look at what it says at the top of the Red Sox poster–BELIEVE! I believe some little boy is going to be very happy.


  16. Hannah
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 18:26:18

    I stopped reading her blog awhile ago when I got very suspicious. She kept commenting on mine but I had to just turn away, I couldn’t do it anymore. Needless to say, I was not aware of her “confession”. I am going to have to go and read it, and catch up on everything.
    My heart aches for those people who gave so much of their love, time, energy & money towards her – and I am sorry that you were duped by her, and hurt as well. I think it’s a GREAT idea to give those wonderful things to another deserving person, I know there will be a person out there who will really appreciate the gifts. You have a very kind heart, Joan. I’m proud to call you my friend.


    Thanks Hannah. I’m just glad it is all out in the open and done with and we can now blog with our trustworthy friends and there are a lot of great bloggers out there. I’m proud to have you for a friend too, a wonderful mom, wife and friend.



  17. lupusranting
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 21:31:41

    Don’t stop being the amazing lady that you are. I’ve known you (and everybody else, for that matter) for a short time here in Blog World. Yes, we were all duped by this person. And aside from the attention and sympathy that she received from caring folks like yourself, I’m still left scratching my head as to WHY? As my daddy used to tell me, “It’s time to move on and let the past be the past.” You are an inspiration, Joan and I’m proud to know you!

    Thanks LR. Your daddy was a smart man with that saying. I’m glad to be knowing you too. I love meeting new bloggers. Some of my favorite people are people I have never met. As I was saying to someone else I hope she doesn’t come back with a new persona though I’ll bet she would avoid all of us.


  18. Moonbeam McQueen
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 21:40:11

    You’re an angel! This I knew, but you’re going to be a grandma too? Congratulations!

    I did the same thing as you– wrote a comment of support after K.Lie confessed, then started reading how she’d played person after person, and I got a little sick to my stomach. I do hope (s)he gets help. Leave it to you to come up with a generous, positive way to cope with the duping! You’re absolutely wonderful.

    I am so excited about Sarah being pregnant. I know I am going to drive her crazy. I keep asking her ” How do you feel?” every five minutes.

    K.Lie— I can’t help but laugh at that. Well, at least now we can all get back to blogging with a lot of really nice people. We have a great group here.


  19. thebeadden
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 22:18:01

    At least this time you know your gift will go to someone who will appreciate it. Poor little guy. 😦
    So another bit of goodness has come from this. A little boy in need will be smiling.

    I like your tree and the snow falling over it looks really cool!

    I read on another post that what happened just goes to show us how many kind people are out there.

    You are one of them Joan. 🙂

    Thanks BD. You are right about the kind people. I am lucky to know so many of them here on the blogs including you, my Christmas elf. At least we all know some little boy will be happy.


  20. mrsvierkant
    Dec 10, 2008 @ 23:34:33

    Sorry that happened to you Joan. She lied, that’s all there is too it, and it was wrong of her to do so.

    I hope the child/children who receive those wonderful items you took time to pick out enjoy them!


    She is in the past and now I would rather think of a little boy having a big bright smile on his face.


  21. thegirlfromtheghetto
    Dec 11, 2008 @ 15:27:30

    Joan – I think you are the most awesome and truthful blogger I’ve encountered on here. I am glad some kid will get these items. I have a great suggestion, how about a kid from a shelter or a foster kid? My college BFF is a child psychologist and that is who she is always giving gifts to these types of kids because she feels they need them the most.

    As for Kaylee, I too feel sorry for her lies. I really hope she is a young girl with emotional problems, rather than some scam artist who was just trying to get stuff from people. I’ll have to recheck her page to see the additional comments.

    I know, I would rather think of her a a girl with problems than some old perverted man with problems. Either way they both would need lots of help.


  22. kilax
    Dec 12, 2008 @ 22:05:25

    I am happy you found out and are able to donate these things to someone who deserves them.

    I only started reading her place a few weeks ago, but got a strange feeling just from a weird, random comment she left on my site. I hope she gets the help she needs.


  23. David
    Dec 14, 2008 @ 10:13:42

    You really put the best possible spin on the Kaylee thing Joan. Good work!


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