The Hospice

I decided this morning to call The Hospice of Cape Cod.
and see if I could find a child to give the Red Sox stuff to.  I was sort of hoping I wouldn’t find one there.  I didn’t want to think about some poor kid being there at all.  It’s way to sad.   At the same time though, a child who happens to be there might just enjoy some Red Sox stuff.  I talked to a wonderful woman who told me she had a little boy there who would love the stuff.  As soon as she said that I got teary.  I hate to imagine that little boy in a hospice.  I won’t be able to meet him because of privacy issues but at least I know the stuff is going to someone who will appreciate it.

I am bringing the stuff to her tomorrow.  I will post again tomorrow after I do.  Come to find out the woman I talked to knows people that I do but I guess that would happen in a small town.  I look forward to tomorrow.  This is when I wish I was rich so I could just give stuff away all the time.  It really is better to give than receive though I do like a prize on occasion.

Today I am on my way out to get fitted for a knee and back brace hoping that will help me walk better. I have to go now or I will be late.  Ta! Ta!

Duped With a Happy Ending!

I guess there is no law that says you have to be real on your blog. I just thought that your blog was the best place to really be real, to tell it like it is. That’s why I like blogging. I don’t have to impress anyone. I can just be myself—loud, flaky, (I’m trying to think how my family would describe me), funny ( if you like my kind of humor), HONEST, caring (but don’t get on my bad side –remember the cane) and of course grandma to be.

These are the things I bought for a young girl and fellow blogger,  with a terrible disease or diseases I should say.


At least I thought she had a disease. My daughter warned me because she knows how easily I believe everything people tell me. She told me to do a little investigating before I mailed anything. Fortunately I did and found I had been duped.

I haven’t done anything with the stuff because I still wanted to believe. I have a tough time letting go and I thought that someday this young girl would be able to prove who she was and I could send her my gifts.

But there is an upside to all of this. I am going to donate these things to a charity. I just have to find the right one so I know it will go to some child who will appreciate these things. Maybe Christmas morning some little boy or girl who loves the Red Sox will find a present under the tree.

Last year’s tree.  We haven’t put up this year’s tree.


I hope this person, and I say person, because at this time we really don’t even know if she is a girl or woman or man or what, gets some badly needed help.

I left a comment early on her most recent post which happened to be her confession.  Even then I felt bad for her.  I felt bad for a poor girl who needed attention so much that she would pretend all these things had happened to her.

After reading almost 50 comments on her post I’m not feeling so bad.  I really didn’t realize how many people had spent so much time with her, had invested so much of themselves in her well being and had sent her gifts.  Some of you have made posts about her, some haven’t, whatever is best for you.  I decided to write this just because I was thinking about it. It’s hard to get out of my mind.

The internet can be a wonderful place.  It is for me.  I have traveled to places I never would have seen, I have met wonderful friends and it keeps me from eating.  It can also be a scary place with scammers and liars everywhere you look.  As a matter of fact, my son got another check in the mail from the stupid scammer on Craigslist that was supposedly offering him a job.  It was for $4850.  So now I have two checks totaling $7850.  Is this scammer a compete and utter dumbass?  I told him we were taking the first check to the FBI and then he sends another.  Duh!!!!

“Yes, Kaylee, There is a Santa Claus.”  and today it’s me because I’m going to make some kid happy with some Red Sox crap, I mean stuff.