I’m Dizzy From the Speed!

I was sitting here doing nothing when I remembered an astronomy book I once read.  It is called “The Soul of the Night” by Chet Raymo.  It isn’t exactly a scientific astronomy book.  It’s more about the connection between astronomy and faith.  I remembered one thing Mr. Raymo said about how fast we were moving when we were sitting still.

As I lazily sat in my chair, I thought about the fact that I was really moving at an incredible speed.

To make one complete rotation in 24 hours, Earth moves at 1000 MPH.  At the same time,  Earth is moving around the Sun at 66,000 MPH.  Earth and our Sun are also moving within our Galaxy toward the star Vega at 43,000 MPH.  Along with all this movement,  Earth and the Sun are orbiting our Galaxy center (a great big black hole)  at 483,000 MPH.  To top it all off  our Galaxy (The Milky Way Galaxy)  is moving at 1.3 million MPH toward the constellations Leo and Virgo.

I am exhausted after going this fast.  I don’t even know if I can cook supper. Don’t ever call me a lazy ass because I am moving really, really fast.

These are all galaxies and this is where we are headed!  Talk about a road trip!!


You don’t have to be an astronomy buff to enjoy this book.  It gets 5 stars on Amazon.

Thank goodness for gravity.  Who knows where I would be?  I think this post is going to give Peter Parkour a headache.