The French Canadian, Wild Turkeys and Sitdancing!!

Saturday night Damon was hungry and I had taken the night off from cooking.  We decided to go to his favorite restaurant, Paul’s Pizza and Seafood.  They are known for their Pizza but fortunately they serve other food that I could eat.  Damon had a pizza, of course, and I had a baked potato, squash and grilled chicken.

Then we decided to go to the Courtyard and see what band was playing. The band playing was “The Moonlighters”

Turns out the guy in the top row on the right was one of my customers when I owned my store.  The band was great.  Then along came The French Canadian guy.  All of a sudden I’m dancing with him and his girlfriend.  He had a French Canadian accent which reminded me of the town I was born in,  Woonsocket, R.I..  That town was full of Canucks.

I myself am half Canuck.  Anyway, this Canuck guy, for whatever reason I can’t imagine,  kept dancing with me all night.  He was much younger than me.  I think these young guys just like to dance with old ladies with canes to be nice. Damon kept coming over to check on me and was acting very protectively.  I may have danced a little too much because my knees are still paying for it.  I did some dancing while sitting too.  Wow, I just did some research about sitdancing. I didn’t know there was this whole sitdancing thing going on.

Here is a sitdancing video from New Zealand.  It’s cool because you can hear that wonderful New Zealand accent. Cause we know they have an accent and I don’t. Ha! Ha!

Here is a link to Sitdancing International in New Zealand.

And wouldn’t you know it, I didn’t have my camera.   Well, Damon and I closed the place down.  I had a great time and it was fun spending time with Damon.  He will be leaving soon and I  want to spend as much quality time with him as I can.  Sarah has been an angel to let him stay almost two months.  It was only supposed to be two days. He’s gained 12 pounds and is looking really healthy.

I saw about ten wild turkeys on my front lawn this morning. I know there are wild turkeys on Cape Cod but I have never seen them on my front lawn.  I managed to take one blurry photo of them. I got so excited I forgot to focus the camera. I do that a lot.

I also got a photo of them on my cell phone but I can’t seem to download it to my computer.

Like I said the other day, I never know where a post will take me.  I had no intention of showing a video about sitdancing.