Weight Watcher’s Saturday!!

Well, the news isn’t horrible considering the crap I went through over the last two weeks.  I missed last Saturday’s meeting because of Grampa’s funeral.  I never do as well when I miss a meeting. I also wore heavier clothing this week. I had on long jeans and a long sleeve shirt and socks.  Usually I have been wearing very thin capris and a T-shirt.  I’m thinking the jeans weigh a lot. I wish I had a scale to weigh them.  They wouldn’t let me take tham off at weight watchers.  Ha! Ha! That would have been a sight.  Me and my purple underwear.

I ended up gaining 1 pound over the two weeks so I am thinking I actually stayed the same and didn’t gain anything because of the heavy clothes which surprises me because it seemed I did some emotional eating.

Why do I think this won’t work? I used to sell this type of stuff.

Tonight I am going to a party at my niece’s house.  They just bought the house this summer.  They hadn’t sold their old house which is on the same street two houses down from the new one.  They rented it and the week before the people were supposed to move in,  the old house  burned to the ground.  It was an electrical fire.  Thank goodness no one was living in it yet.  The bad thing is my neice hadn’t moved all their stuff out and her wedding gown and photos etc. were burned. She’s only been married two years.

I haven’t seen the new house yet so I’m excited to do that.  It’s much larger than the old one and has a lake view.  Plus I am always up for a good party.  She said she would have a vegetable tray for me. You gotta love those veggie trays.

These save me at parties. I can eat all night for almost 0 points.

I’ll bring my camera and hopefully have permission to post some party pictures. I’m going in my traditional costume–myself.  I’ll do an interview at the party.  Should be interesting because I will have a few rum and diet cokes. They are only 2 points each.

Well, I have to go take a shower and get ready.  Ta! Ta!  WTF does Ta!  Ta! mean anyway.

Well, now we know!!!

Probably derived from baby talk c1823 (imitative)

[edit] Pronunciation

tɑːtɑː or tətɑː or təˈtɑː

[edit] Interjection

ta ta

  1. informal: goodbye
    • 1923, Ed Smith of Cranbrook Courier, Reminiscences of Kootenay Pioneers (recalling an event claimed to be the origin of the place name Ta Ta Creek recorded in 1900; viewed in British Columbia archives at [1]) – Red put the spurs to his horse and galloped away: “Ta ta, friends, I’ve business up the trail.”
    • 2006, Daily Flute (blog) read at [2] on 13 May 2006, Ta ta – I’m going to stop blogging, probably for good.

[edit] Synonyms


15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lucky
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 13:12:49

    I love that you change your header with your posts 🙂

    Congrats on the one pund, but not really one pound. Given everything you have been through…that’s awesome!

    I’m sorry about your neice’s house and her things 😦 Y’all should get your pics together and see if you can make her an album of the guests’ pictures!

    Have fun at the party!

    It’s fun changing the header especially since I discovered the Paint program. I suppose one “pund” isnt’ too bad. That’s a good idea about the album for my niece and since we are making all our Christmas gifts that would make a good gift for her. Thanks for the idea. And I plan on having a lot of fun.


  2. Lucky
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 13:13:22

    i don’t know what a pund is, but i meant pound 🙂

    definition of pund: From the Urban Dictionary:

    1. a person who attempts to be an expert in the public eye, but fails.

    2. one who thinks of himself as being more famous and well respected than they are.

    3. someone who’s public opinions are generally disliked, not held as insightful or something to be followed

    4. The loser version of pundit. As the truncated version of its root word indicates, someone who falls short of being a true pundit.
    In the movie “Napolean Dynomite”, Kip is the ultimate pund.

    When someone does a pund on your head
    Holy crap he pund on your head said the boy standing next to the boy with poo on his head.

    Now you know what a pund is!!!!!


  3. Peter Parkour
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 13:29:54

    Glad to hear you made this meeting and that the damage of missing the last one was little to none. 😉 I weigh in tomorrow and I’m dreading it. 😕

    I know how you feel about dreading it. I almost pretended I didn’t hear my alarm this morning. But now I’m glad I faced it. I thought I had done much worse. I’ve almost completely cut out sugar from my diet. And after months and months I am finally not craving it anymore. My downfall is Lay’s Baked potato chips. “I bet you can’t have just one” I can’t even have just 15. So I can’t buy them any more.


  4. javajunkee
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 14:28:57

    I could so eat that whole tray of veggies in one sitting.

    I wish you were there to watch me do it tonight, though I would share it with you.


  5. kaylee
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 15:00:32

    I love veggies 😛

    Good for you. A lot of kids don’t. I’m finally getting Damon to eat a few veggies.


  6. CuriousC
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 17:50:25

    Have fun at your party! Yea VEGGIES!

    Thank goodness I love Veggies!!


  7. thebeadden
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 18:28:37

    Ha! I think you are right about the emo eating kit. What will they think of next? I don’t think I want to know.

    Have a great time at the party.
    Take Care

    Yea, I just don’t think that kit would work and I am too cheap to find out.


  8. Emerald
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 21:50:26

    Oh no, I hope she had digital copies of the wedding photos! But the house sounds lovely, a lake view sounds fantastic. Enjoy the veggie tray!

    I think she did have something left to get new photos.


  9. Laura/centerdownhome
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 22:04:31

    Joan, I think gaining only one pound in two weeks like yours was pretty fantastic. Besides, you know that after holding steady or gaining a bit, the next week you lose more.

    On ta tas: this, I am embarrassed to admit, was my first thought:

    Ha! Ha! Well they do call them Ta Tas amongst other terms.


  10. fightingwindmills
    Oct 25, 2008 @ 23:03:52

    Yum yum yum. That veggie tray looks so good right now. My son used to say taaaa taaaa all the time when he was a baby. We didn’t ever figure out what he was associating it with, he just liked saying it.

    I hope you’re having a great time at the party!

    I like saying Ta Ta too. I guess your son and I have something in common.


  11. birdpress
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 11:29:31

    Those clothes probably weighed like 3 lbs. Really, you know, denim is heavy! So congrats on the weight loss! 😀

    Have fun at the party! TTFN!

    Oh no!! An acronym!! TTFN I had to look it up. Ha! Ha! Ta Ta For Now!!! Yes, I agree, denim weighs at least three pounds.


  12. Joy
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 14:01:30

    I agree with the others Joan. I’d take that one pound and say you lost one pound with what you were wearing. Plus the last few weeks of hell you’ve lived through, chalk one up for you just this once.

    I hope you have fun at the party. Another thought on the photo’s of your niece. If your going to put together an album for them anyway and if they lost all their wedding photo’s, you could ask others that were at the wedding or at showers if they have any and you could put all those in there for them. I’ve heard of others doing this when people had fires or lost them somehow. It’s funny when you group a bunch of “bystanders” together how many nice pictures you all have as a group and there might even be pictures in there that they’ve never seen.

    I’m so glad your back. Ta Ta. Ta Ta reminds me of Winnie The Pooh. I think Tiger says it all the time.

    I’ll have to check with my niece and see exactly what she has left. I love Winnie the Pooh!!


  13. Hannah
    Oct 26, 2008 @ 21:14:27

    Oh, I totally understand with the emotional eating. I think you did AWESOME to stay the same (taking clothes into account … denim is EVIL!!!) – in spite of all that’s been going on for you lately! Just give yourself a huge pat on the back, because that shows you’ve done well!
    Have a great time at the party!

    Hopefully this week I will actually lose a pound or two. I’ve been slacking lately.


  14. teeni
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 16:51:26

    Sorry so late – I’m getting very behind in my blogging. That one pound has to be annoying but then again, it’s only one pound and you’ve lost many of those so you know you can get rid of it again! The party sounds like fun and I do like veggie trays. They are good pickings! That’s a freaky story about the house burning down – thank goodness nobody was in it! Hopefully all the friends and family who were at the wedding can pitch in with any pictures they may have. Or since it wasn’t long ago, the photographer may still have the negatives.

    I’ve gotten way behind too. I still want to post about my weight watchers kit you sent me.


  15. mrsvierkant
    Oct 27, 2008 @ 20:58:41

    I hate being weighed in jeans… I had to go to the doctor’s office this past week, and I’m convinced that the weight was waaay wrong, because I was wearing jeans. LOL. 😉

    I bet you can deduct at least 10 pounds for the jeans. Does that sound like too much? 😉


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