Check This Out!! “Crazy Talk With Joan” at The Bead Den!!

The Bead Den has been working on a new program on her computer.  You take a still photo and make the lips move and give it facial expressions and then dub in the voice.  I let her use me as a test subject.  It is hilarious.  It is so funny to see my photo on You Tube but her voice coming out of it,  my lips moving and in sync with her voice and my eyes blinking.  Here is a link.  She calls it “Crazy Talk With Joan”.  It’s crazy alright but I love it.

I’ve been really busy this week trying to get all of Damon’s affairs in order so he can move to South Carolina. Now I find out he lost his debit card along with everything else. I’ve thought of just laminating everything and super-gluing it to his body like a tattoo.  We’ve also been hanging out together a lot.  I don’t know when I will see him again once he leaves.

I’ve been cooking up a storm.  I can’t believe how much 5 adults eat.  Especially when 3 of them are hungry men. I went to the grocery store yesterday with my brother and I bought broccoli for one meal. My brother asked me why I was buy so much.  Ha!  There wasn’t one drop left over. We had it with Jerk Beef on Jasmine Basmati rice.  I told my wasband it was named after him.  I’m glad he can take a joke.

Today I am cooking in the crock pot again.  This time it is Orange and Dijon Pork Chops.  It’s a new recipe.  I hope they like it.  Tough luck if they don’t!! 🙂

It hasn’t been cooking long so it doesn’t look that good yet!!

I do miss my routine though. I get up in the morning and my son is on the computer so no blogging for me.  I try to get on in the afternoon and the wasband is on.  I try to get on at night and the boys are in the living room watching sports or playing Texas Hold Em’.

I will miss my son when he leaves but I will look forward to my routine of blogging and hunting down dumbasses.  There will be a lot less of them now that the tourists are going home. That’s good in some ways but who can I laugh at.  Oh, the wasband is home during the week.  I always have him. Only kidding, Wubby!!


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  1. tw
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 17:41:38

    Real life puppets, LMAO!

    Mmm, I bet the Crockpot dinner is scrummy, Joan. Please let us know what the rest of the tribe think and can we have the recipe too – pretty please? 🙂

    The crockpot dinner came out really good. I will post the recipe. It was easy too.

    Am I a puppet or a muppet?


  2. Hannah
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 18:59:46

    Nice that you are having so much quality time with Damon … though I can totally see how you’ll be enjoying your old routine of blogging each morning 🙂

    The dinner looks delish, and I would also love the recipe!!

    The dinner was great. I always worry when I make a new one that it will be awful but this was great. I will post the recipe.


  3. mssc54
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 19:20:36

    That crazy talk is aptly named!

    I know. Wasn’t that crazy looking!!


  4. sheng
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 20:52:27

    I am glad you are enjoying the time with Damon, enjoy while it lasts, Joan.

    Thanks, we are having a great time.


  5. kaylee2
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 21:01:23

    Send some of that food my way 😉 i am just kidding but boy does hospital food suck 😦 And I so want to get back to cooking L*

    I was fortunate. Our hospital has great food. The food is so good that people come to the cafeteria for lunch.


  6. mrsvierkant
    Sep 24, 2008 @ 23:02:41

    The video is “crazy-funny!” LOL!

    The food looked yummy, even if it wasn’t cooked.

    Keep enjoying your time with your son!

    Supper turned out great. I will be making it again. Isn’t that video funny?


  7. duskydi
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 02:58:21

    Oh Joan, That video of you that the beadden did with her voice is so funny. You look like a little pussy cat with that twinkling nose. Shes very clever isn’t she.

    That food looks brilliant. I’m going to introduce cooking into my life soon. I do cook but…….

    I bet you’ll miss Damon, I wish him all the very best for South Caralina, will he go fishing. I have a funny feeling that he may not loose as much stuff in his future. My love and well and wishes for Damon.

    Its strange isn’t it when the computer gets ruled by other people. I have a blogging routine and I have to say my new puppy is detering me from my structure.

    Thanks for the link to crazy.

    BD did a great job on the video. That supper came out great. I am really loving cooking. I love to see everyone enjoy my food. Cooking enough for five adults is a challenge though. The three men eat so much.

    Damon will definitely fish in South Carolina. Damon has to fish or he gets depressed. I feel bad for him now because he has to sell most of his fishing equipment so he will have the money to go South. But it has to be done.

    Take care, my dear


  8. museditions
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 04:43:50

    hehehe, your “routine of blogging and hunting down dumbasses” —What would we do without it?
    Sounds like Damon needs quite a few cards and documents glued to his body.
    Won’t it be nice when we’re all implanted with chips that have all our pertinent info. ready to be scanned at any moment…NOT!
    Want some crock! 🙂

    I don’t want anything implanted on me but I might implant the outline of my cane on Damon if he loses anything else.


  9. odette
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 06:04:50

    that was a funny video! LOL, your eyes looked strange there, like you’re a robot or something. 🙂

    funny how you want to super glue damon’s stuffs. 🙂 i used to lose my wallet before, and my mom told me i better pin it on my clothes, or hang it on my neck like a necklace so it would be impossible to miss it. 😀 no i don’t lose things now, what a relief!

    I hope someday Damon stops losing things. He’s lost the house keys so many times since he was a kid. Every time he would lose them I would get a new lock for the door. I’ll bet he’s lost 10 house keys since he was young.


  10. javajunkee
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 10:57:21

    Ok bettyjoan crocker..I’m glad you are back! I was seriously worried about you.
    You have to tell your son that you have an audience to attend to and he’ll have to give you air time!

    I’ve been trying to catch up on my blogging since yesterday. The wasband is gone for a couple of days and Damon is busy selling his fishing equipment so I have had some computer time.


  11. Just a Mom
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 12:06:23

    I loved the video! That was the hardest laugh I have had in a while!

    I agree with javajunkie, tell Damon he must learn to share like a good little boy! 🙂 Seriously, enjoy your time with him!

    I am glad you enjoyed the video. The Bead Den did a fabulous job. Damon and I are having a great time.


  12. Joy
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 13:23:29

    I darn near wet my pants laughing at that video. Crazy I tell you!!! Gawds!!!

    I know what you mean about your time with Damon. You love him but miss your time. Your routines and doing what you like. It’s okay to want those things. I wish him well on his trip and this next adventure in his life. You should probably just keep a copy of everything for him. Some people are just like this with losing things and it will never change. I’m glad he’s with you and your having a good time.

    I’m with the others by the way and would love a recipe for this. It looks simply Yummy!!

    That video cracks me up.

    You are right I am going to copy everything of his on to the computer and also make hard copies. I won’t let him take his SS card or passport with him. I will keep those here and give him copies. He can use his driver’s license for ID.

    I will have to post this recipe. The pork was so tender and the sauce was so good.


  13. teeni
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 13:45:45

    Oooh, that dish does look good. I know how you feel about having your routine changed like that – it’s like coming home again when you can fall back into it. But you are smart to take advantage of all this time with your family when you can. It is time you won’t regret. Krazy-gluing stuff to keep from losing it might be a good idea. I wish I had thought of that for one of my cousins. Wubby – haha. That’s a cute little endearing term for him. You certainly do have a unique relationship but I think that is great!

    Wubby just sort of popped into my head as I was writing. I can’t wait to call him Wubby to his face. He’s away right now.


  14. thebeadden
    Sep 25, 2008 @ 23:47:48

    Dinner looks yummy. You must have has the washing machine fixed while I was gone…or they would be eating bugs.

    Wubby! I love it. I know what you mean about getting back into your routine but still loving the time with Damon.

    Thanks for being such a sport and being my test subject Joan, you’re the best!

    No such luck!! The washing machine is still broke. I just happen to be a good Mommy. I will be your test subject any time. I think it’s fun. I do miss my quiet routine though I love having my son here.


  15. Peter Parkour
    Oct 04, 2008 @ 03:09:51

    I just spent the last hour blazing through The Bead Den. That video puppet stuff is super cool. I so want to give that a whirl. 🙂 It just isn’t the same with you around all the time. 😐 I’ll be glad when you make your full time return. 😉


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