Happy Birthday Mom! I Sort Of Forgot Yesterday Was Your Birthday Too!!

It took my sister Barbara to remind me that yesterday would have been our mother’s 95th birthday if she were alive.  My son shared his birthday with her. I can’t believe I forgot. I think it was because yesterday I was missing Damon so much.

My mom passed away in 1997.  She had dementia and had been in a nursing home for about 6 years.

My Mom on the left. She was one of 12 children. I think it must have been difficult for her family. They didn’t have much but they all survived.

Me, my mom and my two cousins. I remember you always called me “angel”.

Me, my mom and my sister. I always cuddled up with you in the evening.

You were a good mom.  You did the best you could. You weren’t a very good cook.  Thank goodness Dad was. I wish you would have been more happy.  I hope you are finally happy now.

Happy Birthday Mom!!  I am sure you’re up in heaven with Dad.  I miss you both.

Your Daughter,