Webcam Junkie

I went to see “Batman The Dark Night” today with the kids at the Imax theater.  Then we went to Applebee’s Restaurant where they sell Weight Watcher meals and  I had a great steak/portobello mushrooms,  potatoes & broccoli dinner for 7 points . I wrote the following last night knowing I would be gone for the day.  I will comment on comments tomorrow and visit everyone. BTW, the movie was great.

Besides being a Blog Addict I am a web cam junkie.  I thought I would hook you up with some of my favorite web cams.  None of them are porn cams. Sorry!!

Africam has two live streaming web cams at waterholes and if you’re lucky you’ll see live action of elephants, lions, etc. They also have several cams that update every 30 seconds.

The Times Square cam site has a lot of cams in NYC.  I once saw my daughter on one of them when she visited NYC for a business meeting.

This is a bar in Key West.  I once saw my son and my wasband on the cam there when they visited Key West both looking for women. Ha! Ha! Damon was waving at me.

This hooks you up to some web cams on Cape Cod.  You can see the traffic on one of the two bridges that connect you to the Cape.  The bridges that I rarely traverse.

This cam is in Wales, Alaska and is only 55 miles from mainland Russia.  It’s the closest place from mainland USA to mainland Russia. You also can control the camera. The camera faces Russia.

The actual closest we get to Russia is the Little Diomede Island which is owned by the US and is 2.4 miles from Big Diomede Island which is owned by Russia.

If you wait until the time they say you will see bats flying out of the bathouse.  I think they are all Vampires.  So this is not for the feint of heart.