Come Take A Ride With Me Down Main Street!!

I did a little video today of me driving down Main Street.  Hopefully I don’t get a lecture from anyone around here about video driving.  I don’t think I’m supposed to be doing that in Sarah’s car.  Well, at least I wasn’t drunk driving. I’d never do that and that’s the truth.

The hard part about making a video is narrating it. I start to not know what to say but feel I should keep on talking. I actually said “Ta Ta” at the end. WTF was I thinking. I was probably thinking “Just don’t hit anyone! Just don’t hit anyone!” I actually said the beach was crowded and in the same sentence said it wasn’t. I don’t think I would make a good radio announcer.

After I turned off the video camera I came upon an accident on Main street. I did video it up until I got close to the policemen but didn’t want them to see me videoing so I stopped. I decided not to show it because I don’t want to come across as an ambulance chaser.

I do have a police scanner though. I’m thinking I should listen to it more often. My son and I used to listen to it late at night and then go in the car to look to see what was going on. We didn’t go see car accidents (well sometimes we did if we were bored) but we came across some funny stuff. My son would always drive because he won’t drive in a car with someone else at the wheel. Thank Goodness, because five of his friends were killed in a horrific car accident a few years back. The driver was drunk and Damon wouldn’t get in the car. The police said it was the worst accident they had ever seen.

One night the police were chasing some kid in the woods because he broke into Papa Gino’s Pizza. I think every police car in town was there. The kid didn’t even get any money. I don’t think he even got a pizza out of the deal because they were closed. We watched the police finally surround him and he gave up.

Ta! Ta! for now.