Video Paradise

I didn’t exactly get the Flip Mino video camera that I wanted but…. My daughter bought a Sony digital still/video camera 5 years ago and told me it didn’t work but if I could figure out what was wrong with it I could have it. She said she and Obie tried everything. NOT!! The damn thing works fine. It has two batteries and one of them doesn’t work but I charged up the other one and voila!!!! Voila is French. It means “the freakin camera works great”.

I put it next to my cheap drugstore glasses so you could see how small it is. No wonder I can’t freakin’ see out of those glasses. Can you see how dirty they are? I do also use my glasses as food catchers. I usually have a beaded chain on them so I can wear them around my neck and not lose them. When they are hanging there and I am eating, all the food that would normally land on the floor lands on my glasses. The cats don’t get to eat my scraps.

The camera comes with 2 –256mb cards. I don’t know how long a video I’ll get out of each card but I don’t plan on boring people with long videos anyway. Hopefully I’ll get more than 15 seconds and a better quality than what I had.

I also got my new cell phone today. My old one broke and I must have a cell phone. It’s tops on my list of things I can’t do without. I had to pick one of the free ones from AT&T but as long as I can talk on it I really don’t care about a whole mess of features I will probably never use. I had a Motorola now I have a Nokia. Hopefully I can figure out how to use it without reading the directions.

Do you see how thick that book is? Granted, half of it is in a foreign language but still, that’s way too long for directions to anything except maybe how to control the universe.

I think I’ll call myself on my cell phone with the house phone so I can hear it ring.