I Need a Video Camera!! Includes Video Made By Me Today!!

I took my digital still camera that will video 30 second videos to the supermarket today. The quality is horrible so I MUST buy a video camera. I downloaded it to Youtube and here it is for you viewing pleasure. That’s my voice narrating. Imagine what I could do with a video camera. Remember,  the quality is poor but the possibilities are endless if I can save for a video camera. I could take you guys everywhere with me. It only lasts 22 seconds before I panicked thinking the video police would arrest me.  My still camera is rather large. I need one of those new really small video cameras.  “Candid Camera” here I come.

Beam Us Up Scotty!!

I’m writing this story per request of my sister, Barbara, and Wendy at Life With Buck.

This is a true story. It happened 25 years ago in my town, in my solar system, in my galaxy (we live in the Milky Way Galaxy).

My sister lived in town at this time and I was driving to her house to watch a movie for the evening. As I entered Main street I saw in the sky, over the ocean, flashing lights. I had never seen lights in the sky like this before in my life. There was something odd about the way they traveled across the sky, almost leaping, irregular patterns.

As soon as I got to my sister’s house I told her to come with me quick I had to find the lights again. In the car I explained to her what I saw as we headed to the beach. We were both filled with excitement at the prospect of seeing a real UFO. We then started a discussion on what we would do if the aliens gave us a chance to go with them, you know, nice aliens not reptilian scary dudes. Would we, could we, leave our families to travel the universe, see other worlds if given a choice? Could we leave our children for a once in a lifetime trip to the far reaches of the universe? It’s a hard question.

Meanwhile we finally see the lights again.


My sister is awestruck. We can’t believe what we are seeing. At one point the sky goes dark and we see them a few seconds later more to our left. This is really happening we say. We do our best to follow them along the water getting more excited by the second but at the same time wondering why cars aren’t pulled over watching them. We can’t be the only ones to see this spectacular vision but no one else seems to care.

Now they are heading towards us. I stop the car and my sister and I get out. We look above us and see flashing lights that read “Vote for Joe Mahoney” hanging off the tail of a two seater airplane.

Oh the bitter disappointment. What happened? WTF happened? We were on our way to new worlds and then suddenly going to the voting polls.