48 Minutes

I’ve got 48 minutes to write a post on this last day of the month before the clock turns to Midnite, July 1st. The pressure is almost too much to handle. OK, I can do this.

The daughter and I went to two movies this weekend. Sunday we saw “The Incredible Hulk and today we saw the Indiana Jones movie. We both like Sci Fi and fantasy type movies so these were right up our alley. I really couldn’t pick which one I liked best because I liked them both though I love Edward Norton. What a fantastic actor.

What really pissed me off were the rude people in the theater who deserved canings more than any people I have come across in a while. They must have said at least three times on the screen to put your cell phone on silent. Of course during Indiana Jones someone’s phone actually goes off. Obviously the owner was a moron or deaf and blind. I’ll go for moron because I doubt too many deaf and blind people go to theaters.


During the Hulk movie my daughter who would usually never do this, shushed the kids behind us, Usually I’m the one who shushes. Actually I just yell out “Shut up”. I assume she shushed them to beat me to the punch. Sometimes I embarrass her. During today’s movie a couple behind us talked loudly throughout the movie as if they were in their living room. Fortunately I didn’t hear them because I was so into the movie and my ass was hurting. They were lucky.

What the hell is wrong with people? Where has common sense gone and just plain old thoughtfulness.?
“In-seat complaint button being tested.

ANTIOCH, CA — In one Bay Area theater, Regal is testing out an in-seat device to alert theater employees of a disturbance within the theater:

Loud talking, chair kicking and other movie-theater annoyances may soon be a thing of the past, thanks to a new device similar to the flight attendant call button on airplanes. Moviegoers at the Regal Deer Valley Cinema complex are testing devices that will alert a theater employee when a fellow patron is behaving badly.”

I would have my finger on that button all the time. The little kids behind us today trashed the place with popcorn and they were with their parents.

Is it just me? When I took my kids to the theater when they were little they never talked. They knew if they did I’d pull them out in the middle of the movie. I can’t get started on this kid thing I’ve only got 18 minutes left.

We did enjoy the movies though. I also enjoyed hanging out with Sarah. There are lots more movies coming up that we want to see. OK, Done.