Summer Solstice 7:59PM EDT time–That’s My Time

I’m not sure what you’re going to do with this info but I just thought I’d let you know. By 7:59 tonight I will have forgotten all about it because “Ghost Whisperer” will be on in one minute.

I’m sure there are big goings on at Stonehenge. But I can’t make it to the party there.

“Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, WOW, what a ride!”

– Anonymous

Time is going by way to fast, but I’m ready for the rest of the ride.

The longest day of the year is today. Tomorrow the day’s will start getting shorter.

This is the first time since 1896 – 112 years – that the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere has occurred before June 21, according to the William M. Staerkel Planetarium at Parkland College in Champaign, Ill.

I think I’m supposed to go out in the back yard and dance naked and howl to the moon but I doubt that will happen unless I go buy alcohol which I won’t because tomorrow is weight watcher Saturday. Plus I’d be out there all by myself and I’m sure the neighbors would call the police. Who wants to spend their Summer Solstice in jail?

So at 7:59 PM EDT think of me. I probably won’t be thinking of you because I will be watching “Ghost Whisperer”.

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  1. kaylee
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 18:52:25


    Thank you, Kaylee


  2. Peter Parkour
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 20:01:12

    In jail, naked, is no way to spend such a night. 😉

    I totally agree. That’s why I opted for TV.


  3. Little Miss
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 20:41:46

    I love Ghost Whisperer. It’s pretty predictable, but Jennifer Love Hewitt is sooo beautiful. And so is her hunky hubby. LOL.

    It is predictable but it’s all that’s on Friday nights and I love anything about ghosts especially since I plan on being one someday.


  4. Hay
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 22:14:25

    They always put Ghost Whisperer on opposite Medium here. I opt for Medium, only cause it’s reality based.

    Yay! It’s our shortest day here….summer here we come!

    I like Medium too. Fortunately here they are on at different times. Mostly I DVR everything anyway and watch it later.

    That’s right, you’re the opposite of us. Your days will be getting longer. Good for you.


  5. David
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 23:06:17

    Jennifer Love is a doll allrighty, but my wife and I don’t get how they call her the ghost “whisperer” when seems to scream in terror so often! 😀

    Good point! They should have called it “Ghost Screamer”.


  6. dragonfly3085
    Jun 20, 2008 @ 23:18:44

    I love the ghost whisperer but sadly it’s on at 7pm here in Cali and that is lame! So while I am used to 8pm est and i turn on the tv to watch at 8pm Numbers is on… LAME. Plus CBS doesn’t show full episodes online. LAME AGAIN.

    So there is my story of why this is lame because I missed it this week. Again.

    Well, that sure is a lame story!! 🙂 7PM is too early to start watching TV. You have to get a DVR. Then you can watch stuff when you want.


  7. trishatruly
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 06:10:10

    Girl, you need Tivo! That way you could at least drink some green tea (splashed with lo-cal vodka) and dance around the backyard in your jammies!! Tame by comparison to your original thought but no jail time!! Heehee

    Actually I do have a DVR and use it when I remember to. I want to know more about lo-cal vodka. Just as well I can’t find that product. I don’t think the neighbors would want to see me out dancing in my jammies either.


  8. CuriousC
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 07:19:00

    I didn’t roll in the dew of the Summer Solstice but I did walk barefoot – I don’t have ugly feet but now they’ll be extra pretty.

    If you DID have to go to jail, I can bet the stories of all the other crazies you would meet would make excellent blog fodder. oh well. Maybe another time?

    Actually, going to jail for one night could be interesting. I wonder if they would let me visit and just hang out. I’ll probably end up there at some point anyway for illegal cane use.


  9. birdpress
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 08:55:03

    Nooo! I don’t want the days to get shorter!!!

    I know. It’s only June. This shouldn’t happen until September.


  10. Barbara
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 14:24:00

    Ghost Whisperer??? What the hell is Ghost Whisperer? A reality show? Some guy whispering to ghosts so they’ll go away?

    Sister B.

    OMG, Sister B, shows me how much TV you watch. You don’t know how to turn the TV on anyway. This is my sister everyone!! My real blood sister. My bestest friend in the whole wide world.

    Sister J


  11. shornsheep
    Jun 21, 2008 @ 20:55:39

    It is winter solstace here – the shortest day of the year.

    Well at least you’re headed towards summer.


  12. thebeadden
    Jun 22, 2008 @ 21:00:15

    I’ve never watched the show. It’s nice to see your sister here! You should have invited her over for the dance. 🙂

    I can just see Sister B and I dancing to the moon. She rarely leaves comments though I know she reads my blog because I hound her if she doesn’t. It’s gardening season and she is a crazed gardener and does hardly anything else at this time of the year.


  13. thegirlfromtheghetto
    Jun 22, 2008 @ 23:46:16

    OOOh, I went to Stonehenge last summer on the honeymoon and it was just AMAZING! I would love to party it up there if I was five years younger!

    You are never too old to Party!!! That must have been awesome seeing Stonehenge.


  14. writerchick
    Jun 23, 2008 @ 21:34:45

    LOL Joanie, so that’s why I was out there naked and alone, howling with the frogs? Actually, I was watching Ghost Whisperer too. Don’t worry about StoneHendge, I’m sure it’s still hanging around for you.

    I have a feeling Stonehenge will still be there when I get to finally see it. We’ll have to go out howling at the next full moon.


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