Just a Quickie- Comments on Comments

I’m usually fairly good about leaving comments on my blog about comments people leave me. I just realized today that I must have been in a brain fog because I was bad and didn’t leave a lot of comments on my own blog. I have remedied that today and left comments to everyone who left me a comment. Ok, I’m sick of using the word comment.

Now, when I become too lazy to leave comments and feel the need to buy them that is when I will stop blogging.

Most people probably won’t bother to go back and read all the comments I just left but that’s OK too. I did it partly for myself–it’s that whole Catholic guilt thing again. I went to a Catholic school when I was young like 50 years ago and those nuns made you feel guilty about everything. Speaking of, I wrote a post called “Smelling the Past”.

Now, I wrote that post on November 2, 2007. Since May 10th there has been a huge spike in the number of people reading it especially in the last couple of days. Like 300 people have read it. What’s that all about??

Why does eveyone want to smell my past all of a sudden?