No Drunk Blogging–I Am Too Tired!!

I had a wonderful Birthday party/barbecue/cookout. The food was excellent, the guests were awesome but I am too tired to write about it so you will all have to wait for tomorrow. I will post pictures and tell you about my awesome present. Too many rum and cokes to blog. How do people do drunk blogging? All I want to do is sleep.


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  1. c
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 23:28:41

    Next time, Joan! 🙂

    Isn’t it great to have so much fun you’re tired?
    i’m glad that you did.


  2. Little Miss
    Jun 08, 2008 @ 23:33:34

    Happy birthday! Can’t wait to hear what your great present was…


  3. teeni
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 00:05:10

    Awesome! I’m all curious now. You are a riot when you are sober (unless you have been drunk blogging all along and we just didn’t know it). So I can only imagine what fun must ensue when you are drunk! LOL


  4. Peter Parkour
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 03:06:22

    It’s officially after midnight so, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looking forward to your birthday bash update. Hope you get a good night’s sleep. 😉


  5. CuriousC
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 07:09:49

    Drunk blogging does take a little concentration – either the typing gets better or you just can’t find the keyboard spots until 4-5 sentences too late. Another time, then! Enjoy your day.


  6. c
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 09:59:11

    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!


  7. Just a Mom
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 10:55:53

    Happy Birthday!! I’m glad you had a great birthday party.


  8. dragonfly3085
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 11:13:14

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love love love your Meez at the BBQ witht he Happy Birthday sign – that’s great!


  9. kaylee2
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 19:11:20

    “How do people do drunk blogging? ”

    wouldnt know and honestly dont want to know LOL!


  10. joanharvest
    Jun 09, 2008 @ 22:15:59

    I’m still tired from yesterday. Thank goodness I only have one birthday a year. I’m just going to say collectively to everyone “Thank you for all the birthday wishes, I really appreciate it.”


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