Assawoman, Virginia and Towns With Strange Names.

Assawoman, Virginia

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“Assawoman is an unincorporated community in Accomack County, Virginia. Its ZIP code is 23302. Assawoman was originally known as Assawaman until 1966 when the Board on Geographic Names decided upon its current spelling. Assawoman is also widely accepted as the childhood home of irish-american author Stacie L. Hays”

In the year 2000 they had a population of 89 with 32 housing units. What was the Board of Geographic Names thinking when they changed the spelling of this town? And who exactly are the people on this board?  Evidently they have a sense of humor or hate this town.


I mean what if you were a young woman from Assawoman and were traveling and met a young man and he asked you where you were from and you said Assawoman. Would he say “Yea, come up to my room. I can take care of that for you”.

That got me thinking that there must be more weird names for towns. I actually found a website that lists them.

Just to list a few of my favorites and there are many more:

  • HooHoo, West Virginia
  • DeadHorse, Alaska
  • Ding Dong, Texas
  • Experiment, Arkansas ( Just what are they doing in that town?)
  • Toad Suck, Arkansas
  • Beaver Lick, Kentucky
  • Panic, Pennsylvania (I couldn’t possibly live there. I know it would bring back my panic attacks)

There are a lot of states with towns called Climax and Beaver. I mean, would you really want to live in Toad Suck or Ding Dong. But I was just thinking, if you lived in a dangerous neighborhood and I know some of you do, you would probably go live in Toad Suck just to get out of the Hood. Ding Dong just doesn’t sound like it has a high crime rate. Maybe Javaqueen’s commune could be in Ding Dong.


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  1. Little Miss
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 15:02:15

    Hilarious. When I get back from errands I should go visit that website and post my favorites too. Hey, a new meme!


  2. Just a Mom
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 15:22:53

    That’s it I’m moving to Looneyville, Texas where I belong! I will of course have to visit Smiley, Texas every once in awhile. 🙂


  3. birdpress
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 15:24:27

    Great post! You sure do your research.

    I haven’t heard of Beaver Lick, but I’ve driven through Big Bone Lick, KY many times. I’ve also been to Intercourse, PA, where I bought a bumper sticker that said I *heart* Intercourse.


  4. museditions
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 16:36:58

    Well you’ve got me wanting to visit Assawoman, now! Hahaha. In addition to Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, we have a few in Arizona: Bullhead City, Goobertown, Snowflake (not because it snows there, although it does, but because it was founded by two gentlemen Mr. Snow, and Mr. Flake), Nothing, and Why. (you ask).
    Just makes you wonder, doesn’t it, joan? 🙂


  5. JW
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 17:21:50

    hahahahha, birdpress, and if ya really check it out…Intercourse interscts with blue balls………no chit sherlock!! LMAO


  6. betme
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 17:58:06

    hehehe… I lived in Bullhead for a short time.

    I am wondering what guy would want to live in Blue Balls, Ohio. Maybe I could move from my scary hood to Boring, Oregon or Sweet Lips, Tennessee. I am staying away from Cut-n-Shoot, Texas and Bumpass, Virginia


  7. Peter Parkour
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 18:03:00

    This brings up something that has been on my mind for quite some time. Often times towns are named after people. Often times people are named after their profession, like Smith for instance. Well I’ve driven through a town a number of times, and each time it freaks me out just a bit more as to where it got it’s name: Dickinson. 😯 No way, no how am I ever moving there. 😐 I don’t even want to know.


  8. joanharvest
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 19:11:31

    @ Lirttle Miss

    It would make a great meme. Let me know your favorites please.

    @ Just a Mom
    Imagine having to tell someone you live in Looneyville. Actually I may have already told people that. My home is a looneyville.

    @ Birdpress
    Did you read my blog about what happened to me in that damn town of Intercourse, Pa? If not here’s a link. It’s worth a read and a true story

    @ Museditions
    Goobertown’s a good one. Snowflake, I guess they could have called Flakesnow. Everything makes me wonder.

    @ JW

    I looked up Blue Ball, Pa. because I really thought you were joking but the joke was on me. Too funny.

    Boring sounds like a nice quiet place compared to where you are. You’re right I would keep away from Cut-n-Shoot. Sounds dangerous. Well at least Bumpass is better than Bigass.

    @ Peter
    No, I don’t want to know how Dickinson got it’s name either. I’m keeping away from that one.


  9. shornsheep
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 19:36:08

    LOL, you’ve got me giggling, Joan. Some great place names there! I know there is this river in County Galway, Ireland; not far from where my great great grandfather came from called the River Suck.


  10. Wendy
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 20:06:20

    Dammit, why didn’t we move to Toad Suck instead of El Paso? I belong in Toad Suck! Life is cruel…


  11. 2lazydogs
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 20:38:12

    I’m planning my trip to Intercouse, PA just to get a bumpersticker. hahahah. Too funny. I was thinking I might like to live in Beersville, PA…but no, I think I need to get myself down to Hornytown, NC!


  12. Red
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 23:55:18

    YYyyyup, Beaver Lick. .


  13. kaylee2
    Jun 03, 2008 @ 23:58:23



  14. kaylee2
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 00:00:00


    ::slaps hands and tell s them to punch the right key next time!


  15. kaylee2
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 00:05:07

    YES I AM GOOINg home tomorrow morning yippeee! I am doing graet some pain but, not enough to keep me down 😉


  16. trishatruly
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 00:30:55

    Interesting note: Intercourse, PA is very near Virginville, PA. and in the Ichibalzac, Iowa area, they pronounce it just like a scrotum that needs scratching.


  17. mrsvierkant
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 09:18:04

    Very funny! Thanks for the morning laugh. 🙂


  18. boundandgags
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 09:22:06

    I have a series of shirts with fake bar names and use odd cities for their locations. Assawoman is one of them.


  19. joanharvest
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 10:06:07

    @ shornsheep
    “River Suck” ! Doesn’t it make you wonder how they come upon these names and who got to decide to call that river “River Suck”?

    @ Wendy
    I wonder how you would like Arkansas if you lived in “Toad Suck”? And when your kids get asked “Where does your Mom live?” and they have to answer “Toad Suck”. Now that would be cool. The cruel joke would be on them.

    @ 2 Lazydogs
    Horneytown sounds perfect. I just wouldn’t want to be in a bar and meet some guy and tell him I’m from Horneytown.

    @ Red

    Leave it to you to love “Beaver Lick” HAHA!!! “Hey, where you from, Red?” (In your most sultry voice) “I’m from Beaver Lick, baby. Where’re you from”.

    @ Kaylee
    Yea!! you’re going home. I knew nothing would keep you down. I’m happy to hear you are doing great.

    OMG! Ichibalzac!!! They might have pronounced it Icky but that would have made the townsmen feel bad but itchy makes it seem like they all have scabies.

    Your welcome! It’s always good to laugh in the morning. Starts the day out on the right foot.

    That is such a great idea for shirts. I want one. I would just have to decide which town. There are so many good ones to choose from.


  20. birdpress
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 13:12:59

    😆 I just went and read the post you linked for me. Hilarious! Those Amish men only LOOK innocent!


  21. Red
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 13:56:38

    Wanna Lick my Beaver at Beaver Lick? 😐 Sorry.


  22. Hay
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 18:47:48

    Oh my, those are hysterical!
    I mean, what were they thinking?!?!


  23. romi41
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 23:49:51

    HAHAHA….now Joan, you KNOW I that I must’ve been born in Hoo Ha, West Virginia in another life don’t you??? 😉


  24. romi41
    Jun 04, 2008 @ 23:51:05

    oh sorry did that say hoohoo?? LMAO….my mistake, I constantly have hoo-ha on the brain…which is awkward since I’m actually on the hunt for “ding dong”…but any-HOO… 😉


  25. odette
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 01:32:31

    what a good laugh, you’re the best Joan! 😀

    after all those interesting cities, anyone still interested to live in Fucking, Austria?,_Austria



  26. joanharvest
    Jun 05, 2008 @ 11:26:56

    @ birdpress
    My wasband and I still talk about that day. Looking back on it, it was hilarious, though I wasn’t laughing when it actually happened though we did laugh right afterwards when I told the wasband what had happened.

    @ Red
    Don’t be sorry. You’re just being yourself and telling it like it is. That’s what I love about you. I just don’t love you quite that much. 🙂

    @ Hay
    That’s what I keep asking myself. “What were they thinking?”

    @ Romi
    I have heard the female private parts referred to as HooHoo so maybe you’ve got it right after all. Maybe you should be visiting Ding Dong, Texas.

    @ Odette
    If you hadn’t have put the link I wouldn’t have believed it. That’s the best one yet. Imagine someone asking you “Where are you going on vacation?” And you answer “Fucking, Austria” WOW!!!


  27. cliff
    Dec 07, 2013 @ 19:36:24

    Here’s a whole blog on these things:


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