Why Was That Boy Home From School–Gotta Rant Today–All Because I Read The Stupid Newspaper

I was just reading our local newspaper headlines online. I don’t buy the newspaper because personally I don’t want to pay to read a bunch of politically correct crap. Once in a while I will read the headlines online as I did today. The title of the story was , oh never mind, here is the whole story. It’s short.

Teen foils attempted burglary at his home

SANDWICH — A 17-year-old boy who was home from school foiled an attempted breaking and entering at his Meiggs Backus Road home yesterday afternoon after hearing a strange noise and coming face-to-face with the would-be burglar, police said.

The burglar suspect was described as a extremely skinny white 25-year-old man with short hair. He was “preppy” and “clean shaven,” Sandwich police Officer Michael Wood said.

The teen heard a noise at about 12:20 p.m. and went to his back door to let his dog out, then was face-to-face with the burglar suspect, who had cut the screen door, Wood said.

The man fell after trying to run and the teen gave chase. The burglar ripped off the teen’s necklace and pushed him to get away, Wood said. The Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department tracked the suspect toward Barnstable, Wood said.

After these stories online, readers can make comments. More people were questioning why the boy was home from school than the fact that some asshole robber tried to break into his house. Come on, a skinny 25 year old spells cokehead looking for money to supply his habit. Nobody seemed to care about that. Who the hell cares why the kid was home. His house was almost robbed by a scumbag drug addict.

I don’t usually write about this kind of thing but it really annoyed me. I wish I’d have been there with my cane.
By the way here is my cane with my new added attachment/weapon/decoration. Call it what you want. But if I whack someone with it they are going to know it.
My friend is an expert knot maker. She usually does a lot of work on boats. This is a monkey fist and is hard as a rock. Now technically I think of it as a decoration. Yea, right. Would I use it on someone. Yea, damn right I would. I probably would go to jail and the robber go free but I’m OK with that as long as I get him good first. Somebody’s got to knock some sense into these kids and I don’t mean the kid who stayed home from school. My house has been robbed 4 times. Fortunately for the robbers I wasn’t home.
There, I got that out of my system. Usually I would have to call my sister right away to rant about this but now I have my blog which she will read anyway.
I can’t read the newspaper anymore. It annoys me too much.
My other rant is the tourists are coming. I don’t mind tourists in general. It boosts our economy here on the Cape. It’s good for the small business owner, which I was once. The traffic sucks but I can deal with that. It’s the obliviate tourists that annoy me. Obliviates are the ones who are just totally oblivious to those around them. They drive like assholes. They are rude in restaurants and stores. They leave lousy tips to waitresses. They just don’t give a shit about anyone around them. I welcome the nice tourists but the obliviates can stay home and be rude to people in their own town.
If you want to come to the Cape looking like the above, be my guest (not actually at my house). I have truly seen couples like that here in town. It rather shocks me. Are they trying to get caned?