Weight Watcher’s Saturday Sucked–I’m not demented! Yet!

First, I only lost .2 pounds. Not 2 pounds–point 2 pounds, that’s only 1/5 of a pound. I had to add this because no one was seeing the dot before the 2.  Ha! Ha!

I don’t know exactly where I went wrong but I did track what I ate and was within the correct points more or less. We did have a stir fry which I guessed at the points. I think I guessed wrong. We also had turkey meatloaf and I didn’t weigh out my portion. Wrong guess again. I have a feeling guessing with weight watcher’s doesn’t work that well.

My regular leader is on vacation for two weeks. She warned us about it last week. Hardly anyone showed up knowing she’d be gone plus it’s a holiday weekend. The new leader is OK but she just isn’t L. So the meeting was somewhat boring.

Six things to do at a boring weight watcher’s meeting.

  1. Bring a box of warm cinnabuns and open the cover to let out that wonderful smell and watch everyone’s reaction. (Make sure you don’t eat them after the meeting)
  2. Throw spitballs at the leader. (make sure you sit in the back of the room)
  3. Hum the tune to the Andy Griffith show over and over again, just so people can barely hear it.
  4. Bring a sketch pad and pretend your sketching the leader.
  5. Take out some paper towels and 409 and start cleaning the table.
  6. Think of five things to do at a boring weight watchers’ meeting.

On a good note I got the results of my blood test. My cholesterol is down 60 points and my blood sugar is down just over 40 points. I did it just through diet, no medication. I did take fish oil on days that I remembered, which wasn’t really that often.

But at least I’m not demented. A woman at the meeting went to a talk on memory loss. The speaker said memory loss does not mean you have dementia. Good to know. It could mean a number of other horrible things but at least I’m not demented. Well, if I ever do get demented there are perks.