You Tube of My Daughter on Martha’s Vineyard Local TV Station Plum TV

This interview was done at the end of last summer. I just thought I would post it. I first had to get it off the Plum TV website and then download it to You Tube. I have never done this before so it was a learning experience too. Plus you will meet my daughter. She has cut her hair and lost some weight since this was done. It’s an interview about about wedding jewelry, not wedding rings but gifts for the father and groomsmen and bridesmaids and favors etc. She manages the most popular jewelry store on Martha’s Vineyard. Carly Simon is one of her customers. Carly sang to her once which I thought was pretty funny.

This is from the Website for the store she works for.

Sarah York, Sarah Yorkthe store manager, joined C.B. Stark in 2002. She began working in the jewelry industry at the age of nineteen, when she took a summer job working for a large national jewelry chain on Cape Cod. Within a few months she was a store manager. She realized that she loved the jewelry industry but didn’t want to work for a large corporation. Sarah then became the service manager at Guertin Brothers Jewelers, a well-known independent jewelery retailer on Cape Cod. In 2002, she moved her career to Martha’s Vineyard. She currently lives “off-island” in Falmouth and commutes to the Vineyard by ferry.
Sarah continues to further her education with the Gemological Institute of America, where she has many certifications, including her Graduate Diamonds Diploma. Her education and experience help her work with customers to design one-of-a-kind pieces or create new jewelry out of old.