10,000 HITS

Well, I’m 2 shy of 10,000 hits. I never thought 10 people would ever read what I had to say. Who would have thought!!! OK, 1 more hit and then I can go grocery shopping. I’m not leaving until the damn thing turns to 10,000. It better hurry up. I don’t drive well in the dark and it will be dark soon.

DONE!!! It says 10,000.  Damn now I have to go grocery shopping!!!


Chiminea Goes Back

The kids went to the movies last night and I passed on going. It was a 9:15 PM showing and since I had gotten up early for weight watchers, I thought I might not be able to stay awake. I decided to open the box that the new chiminea was in. I figured I could put it together myself. It’s just a matter of following directions. The one problem is the thing was broken. A major part of it had cracked off.

I wanted to take pictures today of my Oasis but instead the kids are going to drive the 30 miles to exchange it and by the time they get back it will be raining–again.

So the only picture you get to see today is of my broken chiminea.

The kids are already planning on my birthday cookout which isn’t for three weeks. They are outside now cleaning up the yard. The following photos are from last year’s birthday cookout which was a surprise party. This year I know about it.