I’m Looking For a Tattoo for Myself

I am definitely going to get a tattoo. I want it to reflect something about myself. One of my greatest passions is astronomy not to be confused with astrology. Before I go on I will show you my daughter’s latest photo of a couple of her tattoos. She gave me permission to post it.

I love the way the photo was done in black and white and the tattoos are in color.

My tattoo will be smaller and probably on my arm. I want to find what I want now, then when I am ready to do it I will be used to the photo of what I want and can make a final decision if I have picked the right one. Not everyone likes body art but I do and I’m going with it. I just have to lose all the weight first.

I am an amateur astronomer so I want it to have something to do with the sun, moon and stars. That’s always sort of been my logo. I have more sun, moon and star crap in my room then you could imagine. So far these are two I sort of like.

I am still looking though. I don’t want to end up with something I hate for the rest of my life.

Let me know which one you like? Or any artists out there I can use some ideas.