I Just Had to Post This Today On Weight Watcher Saturday!!



UPDATE: Saturday Weight Watcher’s Day

Just a quick update on today’s meeting. I LOST 3.4 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. I really worked hard this week because I tracked every single thing I ate and weighed my portion sizes. This is what you are supposed to do every week but I was letting things slide a little but fortunately I caught myself quickly. After last week’s sad weight gain I knew I had to do something quick. I can’t risk gaining all this weight back.

I will write more later. I have to go to the P.O. and the grocery store. Whole Perdue Roaster chickens are on sale and this particular store will cut them up and skin them so I can cook them without fat in the crock pot. I need them for my Rosemary cashew chicken recipe. I’m going to buy a few and freeze them.

Ta-Ta! Did I just say Ta-Ta? Did I suddenly turn British? What the hell am I thinking. Watching that British Bachelor show too much. Later!!!

It’s a dumb show but I love it anyway.  I’m a reality/(we know it’s not reality) show junkie. I just like his accent.