Mother’s Day: I Was Given a Choice, Going Out to Dinner or Prizes

Right off the bat, I’ll skip dinner. Weight Watcher’s certainly limits what I can eat at a restaurant but my daughter wanted to give me the choice just in case. I nixed the dinner. I WANT PRIZES!!!

What I really want is someone to clean up the yard. That would be the best present I could receive and it wouldn’t cost anyone any money, unless they want to buy me some outdoor hanging plants and tiki torches. We had a tree cut down exactly 5 months ago today. It was a big swamp maple in our front yard and all the pieces of the tree are still sitting in the front yard. I was hinting around last night that I would like the front yard cleaned up.

Well, there’s the wasband moving the tree today in the rain. WHAT A GUY!!! He really shouldn’t be doing it. I was so afraid he was going to hurt his back but there was no stopping him.

I have a deck off my bedroom that I can’t use because we need a new door. So on my last birthday the kids bought me a nice wooden chair and put it at the end of my driveway, right by the side door so I could get to it easily. I like to sit outside in the summer and read or just meditate (in other words do nothing). But it’s not the oasis that I dream about.

That’s it. Nice view of my wasband’s truck and the three other cars in the driveway. Also you can see the deck next door where they tie up the poor dog, though I have not heard or seen him in a couple of days.

My daughter came up with the idea that if they parked the cars further toward the street (there is plenty of room to do that, they can move them about 10-12 feet further back) it would give them more room to turn the swing toward the backyard, rake and clean up the ground, put out some tiki torches and some hanging flowers and generally spruce it up. I’d love a chiminea too.

OK, now things are getting expensive. I can do without the chiminea. But I have seen cheap ones for like $50.

I like to go sit out at night but there is no light out there. We need an electrician to come over because we have some major electrical problems and we had to disconnect the outdoor light. Tiki torches will do, better ambiance anyway.



After my wasband was finished he came in the house and said “Happy Fuckin’ Mother’s Day”. I almost fell off my chair from laughing.

Then I made him a pizza.