Blogging as Therapy or Driving Into a Tree– My Choice

I just read an article on about blogging as therapy. It was interesting. Here is a link

These are the major points in case you don’t feel like reading it:

  • Story Highlights:
  • Report: Some 12 million people have a blog; many use it for group therapy
  • Experts: Blogging shouldn’t replace face-to-face counseling
  • Study: Men blog about politics, technology and money
  • Study: Women tend to blog more about private lives.

I found it very interesting that women tend to blog more about their private lives. It certainly holds true with me. Though my blogger men friends all blog about themselves. I probably wouldn’t be a blogger friend to someone who only blogged about politics anyway. I would be bored to tears. I can’t blog about money because I don’t have any. As far as technology, as long as I have my cell phone, my computer and my crock pot, I’m all set. Since I stopped watching TV and listening to the news, Peter Pan could be running for President and I wouldn’t even know it. For all I know Peter Pan is president. That would be wonderful, then none of us would have to grow up.

I was just looking for an image of Peter Pan and I found out that the author J.M. Barrie’s birthday is tomorrow. How strange that I would think about him today. Should have waited until tomorrow.

I do go on news sites but only read articles that interest me, like the blogging one and gossip ones. I am just so tired of reading about politics and Iraq and other depressing crap. I can’t risk getting depressed again, it was just too depressing to be depressed. I really enjoy being happy.

Here is a post I enjoyed about finding the silver lining in the bad things that happen. It’s a post by Hannah at Blairs Boys

I did start blogging for therapeutic reasons, though I still see my therapist once a month. I started out seeing her weekly but it seems I’m not as crazy as I was so I don’t need to see her as often. Actually, I’m still crazy and I plan on staying that way but I don’t feel like driving into a tree anymore. I think being crazy is good for the soul.

I’d like to read some of those 12,000,000 blogs. I read about 30 so I only have 11,999,970 to go. That should keep me busy for a bit.

Now I have to go to the P.O.. At the price of gas, it will probably cost me $3.00. That’s crazy. The silver lining: maybe I’ll get a check in the mail. 🙂