Looking For Excitement

Things have been quiet around here since the tiki torch incident. Barry is in PA for a baseball card show and won’t be back until Sunday. He’s always a good cause of commotion and weirdness but always in a funny good way. The kids are boring, no offense to them, but they never do anything to cause excitement and weirdness. My son certainly stirred things up when he lived here but he’s in Buffalo so things are certainly quiet without him. If you’re reading this, Damon, I love you.

The most exciting thing I’ve done in the past couple of days is buy my cat, sorry, Damon’s cat, Yoda, a collar with a bell on it. The other two cats have no intention of ever going outdoors but Yoda has been there. He knows the excitement of being out side and he wants out badly. His whole life revolves around getting past anyone who opens up the door to the outside world. He has escaped many times. But that was mostly when my son had friends in and out. They would let him out by mistake and I would make them stay until they found him. I didn’t care if it took them all night. They weren’t leaving until I had Yoda back.

I thought he should have a collar though. If he does escape we’ll hear the little bell, that is becoming very annoying, and we will find him. He hates the collar.

This is Yoda scratching at his collar this morning.yoda-new-collar.jpg

Well, tough luck, kitty boy, you’re wearing it anyway, maybe, I’m starting to not like that little bell. He must be so jealous that the other two kitty boys don’t have to wear one.

Without Barry around for me to watch his antics, I might have to take a ride into town. I love people watching. They do such strange things, I mean besides the regular scratching their butts and picking their noses when they think no one is looking. But I don’t want to sit on one of the benches on Main Street with the homeless people just so I can people watch. I’m well known in town. I don’t want my ex-customers to think I AM homeless. I don’t want them flinging dollar bills out their car windows at me and then watch me scrapping with the homeless people for them.

I might sit on a bench and not even sit next to a homeless person. I might sit next to someone intelligent and have a good conversation.


Before I go anywhere today, I have to cook a crock pot meal. I am cooking a new one, Hungarian Goulash with lots of sweet Hungarian Paprika. If the kids don’t like it, we have lots of leftovers.

I suppose I can go into town and drive through the parking lots looking for illegal parkers who park in handicapped spaces and give out tickets. That can be fun.

I suppose I could start one of my projects I’ve been talking about doing for the past year: making beaded jewelry, making organic salves and lotions, scrapbooking, etc. My excuse is I don’t have a good work area. Which actually is true and when my daughter asked me , the other day, why I wasn’t doing these things and I gave her that excuse, well I guess now I am getting a folding card table.

Well, I am doing all of the things she asked me to do to change my life for the better. I am even going to be doing chair yoga in April. I am also going to see an acupuncturist, if I can find one I can afford.


Well, that’s it for now. The crock pot awaits me.



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  1. Lucky
    Feb 28, 2008 @ 17:38:27

    I want a kitty SO bad.

    I like people watching too. There are a lot of strange people at the airport. I am going to California in a few weeks – kind of excited about watching the weirdos at the airport..

    I love using the Crock Pot! It’s so easy and it always tastes good! 🙂


  2. moonbeammcqueen
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 00:06:33

    I love all of your plans and projects. How was the goulash? Did you strike up any conversations with weird park people?


  3. Lucky
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 00:19:59

    Man, I am rude. I just realized that whole comment was ME ME ME! 😉

    I’m with Moonbeam…how was your goulash???


  4. joanharvest
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 14:27:32

    @ Lucky
    It’s OK, sometimes things should be all about You, You, You. You’re important to us and yourself.
    I use the crock pot at least 3 times a week. The goulash came out good. The recipe called for 1-2 TBLs of Hungarian paprika. I went with one because I just wasn’t sure. I should have gone with two. But the kids liked it and had me put it on the keeper list.

    No weirdo conversations yesterday except with my therapist. She is proud of the progress I have made in the past year, from a fat, depressed couch potato to a not so fat, mostly happy, non couch potato. I don’t watch TV during the day at all anymore. Let’s be honest–I traded the TV for the computer. I’m a computer chair potato. But I accomplish stuff on the internet. I blog, I meet people (sort of), I do research etc. I also go out a lot, even if it’s just to the beach or the P.O. As soon as I get the card table I really am going to start those projects.


  5. Lucky
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 14:34:58

    You are too sweet – thank you! 🙂

    My mama makes pot roast in the crock pot and it is sooooo good. I don’t use mine very much b/c I only have to feed me. I subscribe to Pillsbury’s Cooking for two e-mails and get a lot of good ideas from them. Do you mind e-mailing me the recipe? Dani31781@gmail.com Thanks Lady!!!


  6. joanharvest
    Feb 29, 2008 @ 16:34:46

    @ Lucky

    I just sent you the recipe. I forgot to tell you it’s great on rice, especially jasmine rice.

    I’m supposed to send someone else a recipe but I forgot who. Maybe she’ll see this and remind me.


  7. moonbeammcqueen
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 10:27:40

    I think that maybe it was me. Teriyaki pork roast. Did you give me that one? Hmmm…

    I hope you pat yourself on the back sometime for all you’re doing Joan. It takes a really strong person to completely change her life. It’s pretty amazing, and I feel so lucky to get to witness the transformation, even via your blog.


  8. joanharvest
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 11:36:27

    My sister made it for the first time the other night and they loved it. I gave her my recipe because I was too lazy to copy it for her but I will get it back this weekend and post it. We had it this week too. It’s always a favorite with the kids. May be I should start blogging some of my recipes once a week.

    My sister and I keep thinking about Wendy. It’s probably just the flu but I am such a worry wart about pneumonia after having had it. I hope she feels better soon.


  9. joanharvest
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 11:40:23

    @ Moonbeam

    And thanks for the compliments. At weight watchers this morning they were talking about positive feedback and how motivational it is. So, see, you’ve motivated me today. Next month I start chair yoga. I have to get myself exercising. If I can’t stand up to do then damn it, I’ll sit down and do it.


  10. moonbeammcqueen
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 12:27:45

    I’m glad I motivated you! I want to hear more about this chair yoga. My exercise of choice is bike riding, but fibromyalgia makes it increasingly difficult (and of course I can’t do it when it’s too cold out). Yoga may end up being my replacement.

    I’m really worried about Wendy too. I hope Buck doesn’t leave her if she’s still feeling this bad tomorrow. If you or St. Barbara hear anything, please let me know.

    I think posting a recipe every now and then is a great idea!


  11. joanharvest
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 14:42:33

    I think if you call any place that does beginner Hatha yoga, they can arrange chair yoga for you. I don’t start until April because the place I am going to is moving and will be closed in March. I am looking forward to it.

    I will definitely let you know if I hear anything about Wendy.

    That recipe is my latest blog. I just finished it.


  12. Lucky
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 15:17:07

    I think doing a recipe post is a great idea too! And thank you for sending me the other one! I am going to pass it to my mom and invite myself over for dinner! haha 🙂


  13. joanharvest
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 15:20:16

    Smart girl, get mom to cook it. You must know my daughter, that’s how she works it.


  14. David
    Mar 01, 2008 @ 18:15:12

    I’d like to know anything you hear about Wendy too. Not much happening over on her blogs. Guess we all miss her!


  15. Lucky
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 11:20:55

    My sister and her boys live with my parents right now so what’s one more 😉 She likes recipes she can throw in a pot and not worry about for awhile!


  16. Wendy
    Mar 02, 2008 @ 23:41:23

    I can’t form a lot of words at this point but I want to say ha, this was funny. And you are such a recognizable person in town, I bet you could make some real cash if you took up panhandling. I’ve always wanted to try that. Buck wants to know what’s stopping me.


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