Electricity and boredom eating

Last weekend we had a fairly big storm here on Cape Cod. Wind gusts up to 80 MPH.storm.jpg We lost power right away and didn’t get it back on for two days. My kids spent their time at friend’s houses and I spent my time at home, slightly cold, and sort of bored. Fortunately I had a good bookthe-stolen-child.jpg to read and a battery operated book light. I am a weight watchers member and have done quite well changing the way I eat and losing weight. But there’s something about not having electricity that makes me want to eat and eat and eat. My excuse to myself was that I didn’t want to have to throw away the food.ucs-fridge-hwe-001.jpg

Of course, the real reason was boredom. The book was good but I had to have food with it. I even started a fire in the fireplace and heated some beef burgundy I had made the day before in the crock pot. That along with the dozens of weight watcher snacks and I was partying. One weight watcher snack at night is fine, maybe even two but I was packing them away, one right after the other.

Today I had to pay the piper. I went to a weight watcher meeting .wwchickens.jpg

So, hopefully I’ll get back on track this week. We just better never lose the electricity again. I should buy a generator.


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  1. Life With Buck
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 12:14:28

    HEY! I started The Stolen Child just this past Friday night! What a coincidence. But what a bummer about the power being out. Storms over there in your neighborhood are very disturbing. When I was at David’s I would sit on the couch looking out at all the trees and waiting for one to come down through the ceiling. I can see where you’d be stressed out and wanting to eat. The good thing is that you recognized it and want to get right back on track. And the other good thing is that you’ll be able to do it.


  2. Life With Buck
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 12:15:00

    Also, that storm photo is excellent.


  3. joanharvest
    Nov 12, 2007 @ 17:06:29

    Barbara and I loved The Stolen Child. Let me know what you think. Also I didn’t actually take the storm photo but that’s what my photo would have looked like if I had. LOL
    I need to start taking photos with my camera. I have a good one. Another project to get into.


  4. Life With Buck
    Nov 26, 2007 @ 15:57:41

    I just tagged you for a meme. Don’t hate the tagger!


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