Fear of Dentists

I had a filling fall out last night which exposed a raw nerve. Even air flowing over the tooth hurt. This morning my daughter made me call a dentist. I would rather have pulled it out myself with pliers. I just have to hear the word dentist and my stomach turns. But my daughter, the non-procrastinator had me at the dentist in 15 minutes. dentist.jpgHe couldn’t pull it because I am on aspirin and he was afraid I’d be a bleeder. Monday, he will call my Doctor, get me off the aspirin and then pull it. So now I have to wait all week to get it done. I will think of nothing else, I will obsess about it but I will show up because my daughter will drag me there.

This dentist has been our family dentist for about 25 years. My daughter goes every six months and has her teeth cleaned. The last time I saw him, which was so long ago that I can’t remember when it was, he pulled a tooth. I tend to wait until the tooth is so bad and then I have the dentist yank it. Someday I’ll be toothless. No root canals for me, or any of those other things they do to teeth. I do brush my teeth and on occasion I have even flossed, though not on a regular basis.

I don’t know where or why I ended up with this dental phobia.reaper.jpg


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  1. Barbara
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 18:53:43

    You probably got the phobia from hearing all my dental horror stories.

    Sister B.


  2. joanharvest
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 20:11:10

    Actually, there may be something too that. Plus the dentist you used to work for years ago scared the hell out of me. He was the stuff of nightmares.

    Sister J.


  3. Barbara
    Oct 28, 2007 @ 23:17:56

    Ha! I forgot about that evil jerk. Dr. Komros–was that his name???


  4. joanharvest
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 00:33:26

    Yes, and for some reason I was afraid of him.


  5. Barbara
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 14:39:32

    So was I. He was a mean son of a bitch. I should have known something was wrong the day I started working there. He asked me to mail a bunch of stuff for him and explained they were the W2 forms of the people who had worked for him in the past year. There were six of them, which means he’d been through six dental assistants in a year. I should have seen the writing on the wall….


  6. Life With Buck
    Oct 29, 2007 @ 23:48:32

    I’ve had a broken tooth for almost two years. Now it will have to operated on to remove, I suppose. Oh I wish I could pull it myself. But I guess this is what I get for doing my own fillings.


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