New Knees

Yesterday I finally went to see an orthopedist after having sore knees for years. Going to doctor to me is like well, what’s the worst thing you can think of? I don’t much like them, trust them or ever want to visit them. But I couldn’t put it off any longer. I can barely walk. They took X-rays h9991217.jpgand then I saw the Doc. Actually, the doctor was nice, not too crazy. crazy_doctor.jpg The X-rays had already been downloaded onto his computer. He showed me how I had absolutely no cartilage left in either knee. Also there were bone spurs. Bone against bone. He told me I need two new knees. I asked him how long I’ve got until I really, really need to do this. He said “three months ago”. I guess he means soon. I told him I didn’t want to do it until I lose more weight. He gave me a cortisone shot in each knee and has to get permission from Medicare and then he will give me a series of gel shots that put a kind of gel between the bone –a temporary solution. I really don’t want the surgery at all. What with that super resistant bacteria going around hospitals, and all the other stuff you can catch there, and crazy doctors, I don’t know if new knees are worth all the trouble. I’d have to spend 4-5 days in the hospital and two weeks at a rehab care center. I already did that in February when I had the flu. Not fun.

And after all that I have to face my back problem which is actually worse than my knee problem.

By the way, I’m not whining, just stating the facts. OK, a little bit of whining.

As Scarlett O’Hara said: “I can’t think about that right now. If I do, I’ll go crazy. I’ll think about that tomorrow”scaqrlett.jpg


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  1. Life With Buck
    Oct 24, 2007 @ 12:28:18

    Wow, what an interesting post. I know how you feel about doctors, and it’s so much easier to sit back and do nothing; it’s a battle with yourself, really, just to make yourself go. I give you lost of credit. And thank you for posting X-rays, are those your X-rays? Either way, they’re fascinating. I imagine you guys are researching it all on the Internet. And from what I’ve heard, new knees give people a whole new quality of life.


  2. Barbara
    Oct 24, 2007 @ 13:04:50

    All I can picture is stainless steel knees flashing in the sunlight–sort of like that robot in Star Wars–R2D2???


  3. joanharvest
    Oct 24, 2007 @ 13:45:42

    No they are not my knees but my x-rays looked similar to the one on the right. I am a procrastinator. I should have had my knees looked at 5 years ago. I have done some research. I found one page with FAQS about knee surgery–one of the questions being “Can I die from knee surgery”. Probably shouldn’t have read it but it did mention it is safer to do one at a time rather than both at once. At this point I am just playing by ear.

    Sister B.
    Actually that would be sort of cool. I am an avid Star Wars fan. Maybe eventually I’ll be the real Bionic Woman and save mankind from itself.


  4. Life With Buck
    Oct 25, 2007 @ 22:38:26

    Do not listen to Barbara. Unless of course, they’ll add the ability to shoot laser beams. Now that would be cool. You and Lindsay Wagner.


  5. Harriet's Daughter
    Dec 09, 2007 @ 09:00:07

    Thanks your message is stunning.
    I like your diary..
    See ya


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